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Engagement Token

What is Jace Engagement Token ($JET)

In this article, we will explain what the Jace Engagement Token ($JET) is, how you can earn it, and what you can do with it.

Jace Engagement Token ($JET)

Crafted by our dedicated marketing team and running on the Ethereum TestNet (sepolia), the Jace Engagement Token ($JET) emerges as a pioneering initiative within the Jace project, offering a distinctive approach to rewarding users engaged in its marketing activities. It's more than just a reward – it's your gateway to the groundbreaking Jace project.

$JET isn't your average Token. It's a glimpse into the future – a simulated preview of the upcoming JACE Token set to launch on the mainnet.

Contract address on the Sepolia TestNet: 0x9d8bfc10acbf3f89cf05eea2e508cffe410b2069

Why $JET?

Picture this: A Web3 Accounting Platform, JACE, utilizing blockchain data crawling and collection. It's your powerhouse for effortlessly tracking, managing, and optimizing decentralized finances. These tokens unlock features in this crypto accounting app, including the "Watch and Inform" tool, allowing you to monitor other wallets and competitor actions for informed decision-making.

Additional premium features will be unveiled soon, enhancing your understanding of our project and increasing your chances of winning rewards.

By holding this virtual gem, you're not just a user but showcasing your loyalty and vital contribution to the Jace project. But the perks don't stop there! Priority access to airdrops, exclusive discounts, and mouth-watering bonuses – holding $JET comes with a myriad of benefits that reward your dedication.

Invest in $JET

The best part? The Jace marketing team is on the lookout for real MVPs – that's YOU!

You can earn $JET Tokens by completing daily tasks that we offer on our website or app. Your social media engagement, content creation, referrals, and feedback matter.

The more tasks you complete, the more $JET Tokens you accumulate. Excel and you'll be showered with $JET Tokens as a token of appreciation.

Now imagine this: Your hard-earned $JET Tokens converted to JACE Tokens at a favorable rate when the mainnet goes live. It's not just a reward; it's an investment in the future of decentralized web technology.

Claim your Engagement pont and be a part of our community that get JACE Main token reward

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Don't let this opportunity slip away! Be part of the development and promotion of the Jace project. Secure your stake in the future of the decentralized web – because, with Jace Testnet Token, you're not just a user but a pioneer!