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Jace dapp
Jace dapp

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Upcoming Q2

Coming Soon: We're gearing up to launch the JACE DApp, where cryptocurrency accounting gets a high-tech makeover.

Game-Changing Platform: JACE DApp is set to shake things up in the accounting world with its web3 integration.

Easy Access Anywhere: Now, you can handle your cryptocurrency accounting matters effortlessly on both Android and iOS devices.

Stay in the Loop: Keep your eyes peeled for updates. Be one of the first to dive into the future of accounting with the JACE DApp. It's going to be awesome!

Future Vision

Upcoming Q3



Your Key to Informed Crypto Decisions: Keep a close eye on crypto market dynamics with our Wallet Behavior Watchlist. This powerful tool lets you track and analyze the behavior of top-performing wallets, empowering you to make well-informed decisions in your crypto endeavors. Stay ahead of the curve, identify trends, and navigate the market with confidence.

Stay Ahead of Crypto Moves: Get real-time updates and strategic insights with our Wallet Action Alert feature. This tool keeps you in the loop about crucial movements in your crypto wallet, ensuring you never miss a significant action. Whether it's a transaction, market trend, or potential loss, our alerts are your proactive guide for timely and informed decisions.


Upcoming Q3



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Jace future vision

Don't let this opportunity slip away! Be part of the development and promotion of the Jace project.

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Step into our governance space, and let's collectively guide the direction of our platform.

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Jace future vision


In the complex world of decentralized finance within Web3, a persistent challenge casts a shadow over financial management

Upcoming Q3


Live Accounts Status
Live Accounts Status

Real-Time Account Snapshot: Keep your financial pulse in check with our Live Account Status feature. Gain a comprehensive view of your financial standing as it happens. Stay informed in real time, whether it's transactions, balances, or market changes. Elevate your financial awareness with Live Account Status – because your financial journey deserves up-to-the-minute clarity!


Making Users Profitable (December 2025): Our ultimate aim is to help our users achieve financial success and security. We will provide them with the AI tools, information, and guidance they need to make smart and profitable decisions. With our Copy-behavior feature, users can potentially increase their profitability in the crypto market by replicating the behavior of profitable wallets.

Jace future vision

Embracing The Future (December 2027): Get ready for the unveiling of our AI-driven money tracker network, a visionary platform poised to gather extensive financial data. This cutting-edge tool will be your key to informed strategies and a prosperous financial future. Stay ahead, invest astutely.

Tools we rely on to make the magic happen:

Jace-EtherScan Jace-TensorFlow
Jace-Polygon Jace-OpenAI Jace-Snapshot Jace-GitHub
Jace-BscScan Jace-Metamask Jace-Ethereum
Jace-DeBank Jace-Solidity Jace-OpenZeppelin
Jace-Binance Jace-Optimism Jace-Arbitrum Jace-GitBook
Jace-PancakeSwap Jace-UniSwap Jace-Gitlab
  • Jace-EtherScan
  • Jace-TensorFlow
  • Jace-Polygon
  • Jace-OpenAI
  • Jace-Snapshot
  • Jace-GitHub
  • Jace-ENS
  • Jace-Gitlab
  • Jace-GitBook
  • Jace-BscScan
  • Jace-Metamask
  • Jace-Ethereum
  • Jace-DeBank
  • Jace-Solidity
  • Jace-OpenZeppelin
  • Jace-Binance
  • Jace-Optimism
  • Jace-Arbitrum
  • Jace-PancakeSwap
  • Jace-UniSwap

Jace Project Roadmap

Jace road map Jace road map

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