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Welcome to JACE DAO, where the future of Web3 accounting is shaped by community governance. We stand firm on principles of transparency, collaboration, and fairness, laying the groundwork for an inclusive platform.

At the heart of JACE lies the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) ethos. We've built a robust governance system fueled by the VoJace (VOJ) token, underpinned by the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. This unique system, with a total supply of 500,000 VOJ tokens, empowers each user, granting an active role in shaping JACE's journey. By using DAO, we aim to create a transparent, fair, and collaborative platform that adapts to the needs and preferences of our users. You can find our spaces with our ENS domain, jace3.eth, which is a human-readable and decentralized way to identify us on governance platforms.

Why DAO?

Our commitment to DAO principles stems from a belief in decentralization and collaboration's potency. These elements form the bedrock for a more transparent, secure, and efficient Web3 accounting platform. Embracing DAO principles allows us to bypass the common pitfalls of traditional structures, leveraging the inherent strengths of blockchain—immutability, verifiability, and interoperability—to create a dynamic and community-oriented platform.

What Is VOJ?

The VoJace Governance Token stands as a symbol of influence within JACE. Holding VOJ tokens offers the privilege to influence decisions, propose enhancements, and actively shape the platform's governance. Your sway within JACE directly corresponds to the number of VOJ tokens in your possession.

‌How to Earn VOJ?

Earning VOJ tokens is not just a transaction; it's a meaningful engagement. Contributing to JACE's growth through donations or amplifying our Project via social media earns you VOJ tokens, serving as tokens of gratitude for your contributions.


The cornerstone of JACE DAO is the proposal system. Holders owning a minimum of 10,000 VOJ tokens can meticulously craft and submit proposals via the JACE governance portal. These proposals undergo a thorough review by the community to ensure clarity, feasibility, and alignment with our collective vision before potential implementation.

Voting in JACE DAO

Participating in voting within JACE DAO is a transparent, secure, and involving process. Connect your wallet housing VOJ tokens to the governance portal, review active proposals, and cast your vote. You can also see the current voting results, such as the number of votes for and against the proposal and the percentage of support. To cast your vote, you need to click on the "Vote" button and choose either "Yes" or "No". You can also change your vote before the proposal expires if you change your mind. Every decision is securely recorded on the blockchain and verified by smart contracts, ensuring unassailable integrity and transparency in governance.

The Impact of Engaging in Project's Votings

Active engagement in voting is not just a number game; it's about shaping the platform's trajectory. Your contributions, in the form of votes, carry weight, steering JACE's direction and development. Moreover, active involvement could lead to increased VOJ holdings, thereby amplifying your influence in platform governance. Additionally, dedicated contributors may become eligible for future airdrops, presales, etc., of the JACE token, the native token of the Project, which can be used for various purposes on the platform, unlocking exclusive platform benefits.

Join the vibrant JACE DAO community, accessed through our ENS domain, jace3.eth. Your involvement plays a pivotal role in fueling innovation and charting the course for the future of Web3 accounting. Embrace the empowerment of decentralized governance—join JACE DAO and become an indispensable part of our journey.