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$JACE Tokenomics

Executive Summary

Welcome to our Tokenomics Page!

Here, we offer a detailed breakdown of how our project's total token supply is allocated and distributed throughout our ecosystem. Below, you'll discover an overview of the different categories of token distribution where the total token supply is 100%.

Tokenomics, the foundational principles governing our JACE token, are fundamental to understanding its role within our ecosystem:

Utility: The JACE token serves multifaceted functions, providing users access to premium platform features, facilitating reward accumulation, enabling active participation in governance, fostering trading opportunities, and supporting investment initiatives.

Scarcity: With a finite supply of 100 million tokens ($JACE), no additional tokens will be generated or burnt. This limited supply strategy promotes scarcity, instigating a potential increase in each token's value over time.

Distribution: The allocation of JACE tokens adheres to a fair and transparent method. Tokens are disseminated through various channels, including rewards, presales, airdrops, marketing initiatives, team allocation, and reserved funds, ensuring an equitable and transparent distribution process.

Governance: Holders of JACE tokens eligible for voting privileges wield influential power in shaping pivotal aspects of our platform. These include decisions on new features, integrations, partnerships, fee structures, and other significant matters, providing a democratic approach to governance.

Vested Tokens: 49%

To ensure long-term stability and commitment to our project, a token vesting mechanism will be implemented. This mechanism will involve locking the allocated tokens through a reputable vesting service platform, [Negotiating with the platform]. The process of locking tokens will adhere to a predetermined schedule, gradually releasing them over time.

Marketing: 10%

The tokens are allocated for various promotional activities, community engagement efforts, partnerships, and other marketing strategies. Our aim is to enhance the project's visibility and foster its adoption within the market. Here, the Jace Engagement Token ($JET) plays a key role. Serving as a testnet token, it stands out as a unique tool designed to incentivize user engagement in marketing initiatives and grant access to premium platform features, contributing to the project's success and market presence. $JET holders will have the opportunity to convert their engagement points into Jace tokens.

Team: 10%

This portion is reserved for our project's founders, developers, and team members. It serves as an incentive for their contributions and aligns their interests with the project's success. The allocated tokens for the team undergo a locking process through the chosen vesting service, [Negotiating with the platform]. This locking mechanism prevents immediate access or transfer of tokens and establishes a structured release schedule.

Token Liquidity and Exchange Availability: 31%

By making our tokens accessible on both DEXs and CEXs, we aim to maximize liquidity and provide investors with flexibility in choosing their preferred trading platforms. This approach not only enhances the overall trading experience but also contributes to the stability and growth of our project's ecosystem. Additionally, we will actively monitor and manage liquidity to ensure optimal market conditions and mitigate risks associated with market manipulation and illiquidity events.

Allocation Breakdown

For more details, you can refer to the whitepaper

Jace Logo

Token Information at a Glance:

Token Name Jace

Token Symbol JACE

Token Decimals 18

Token Standards BEP20

Chain / Network Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply 100,000,000 JACE

Copy to Clipboard Smart Contract Address 0x0305ce989f3055a6Da8955fc52b615b0086A2157

Copy to Clipboard Token Creator 0x61dD0d9ABcF40E17FB3C979Ac865a887aa191583

Allocation Wallets Overview

31% Of total supply Sales, DEX & CEX Liquidity 0x61dD0d9ABcF40E17FB3C979Ac865a887aa191583 Copy to Clipboard

49% Of total supply Vested - Locked 0xc39B1402a43C623438C30EB5989AAF3CAa59c221 Copy to Clipboard

10% Of total supply Team - locked Refer to Team & Roles Table Copy to Clipboard

10% Of total supply Marketing Purposes ($JET & etc.) 0x94E021a2863d39Ac86867b6eD7a81517F354E4c4 Copy to Clipboard

Team Allocation Ledger

Team & Roles % Wallet addresses Trace
Project Leadership Team Project Manager, Technical Lead, Operations Manager 2% (Locked) 0xC523bed68D08dbC411edE8ffBE4A9444eA19488C Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard
Research & Development Team Lead Researcher, Blockchain Developers, AI Developers, Data Scientists 2% (Locked) 0xa3BBe3E7DC0566De4eF3EB7c4C1C889f443bC798 Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard
Product Design Team Head of Design, UI/UX Designers, Interaction Designers 1% (Locked) 0x0B7355af3B364eb3046431b9f6f9c9afcC832860 Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard
Engineering Team Chief Engineer, Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, DevOps Engineer 1% (Locked) 0xA95adB26162724EC38361d7eDE11Fb7fE9E571D9 Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard
Business Strategy Team Strategy Director, Market Analysts, Financial Planner 1% (Locked) 0x45F84f30BEa00F1074d9aA1bA4bDFEc0D56628a4 Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard
Marketing & Outreach Team Marketing Strategist, Brand Manager, etc. 1% (Locked) 0x061A66982C4d640c1cee6dce07f5af506aC03C46 Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard
Investment Team Investment Manager, Venture Capital Liaisons, Traders, etc. 1% (Locked) 0xA8252CCC523Da9717457fFA926c50e81a9F22A8A Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard
Support & Maintenance Team Support Leads, System Administrators 1% (Locked) 0x0DfcB3F2D718EB1F2057606Bea35635dB1C0914D Copy to Clipboard Copy to Clipboard

Vesting Release Schedule

Vesting Release Schedule Vesting Release Schedule

Transparency is the cornerstone of our project's tokenomics. We've crafted every detail to embody clarity and openness. If you still have questions or need clarification, please reach out. You can contact us through our website's contact form or join our Telegram community for direct interaction. We're here to engage in open conversation and provide the clarity you need.